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elearning  Freedom Cyber Charter

In this hypothetical scenario, I created an onboarding training called "How to set up your Cyber Environment" for newly enrolled K-12 Freedom Cyber Charter families. This training has 2 distinct paths. Each path was themed and linked to a family.


To keep the learners engaged there are several click-to-reveal interactions, a drag-and-drop interaction, and scenario-based interactions to help the learner practice creating a learning agreement. Sound effects are used throughout the training to encourage learners to try again or celebrate correct answers. To accompany the training there is a downloadable blank learning agreement that can be filled in by each family.


After completing this training the learners would be able to:

  • Implement the best practices for setting up a Cyber Workspace.

  • Identify which strategies could improve their Cyber Atmosphere, in cooperation with the student, while considering all members of the household.

  • Create a Cyber Learning Agreement, in cooperation with their student, without compromising relationships.

The objectives were to be measured by a survey with responses indicating a smoother transition rating of 8 or higher on a scale of 10.

Articulate Storyline



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