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I'm Sarah Samuelson glad you made it here. Some things you should know about me:

  • I love soup

  • I'm a procreate fan

  • An avid list maker

  • Mom of 2

  • Wanna be Gardner

  • Inspiration seeker

As a designer and illustrator with 19 years of design experience, I enjoy bringing ideas to life to create a visually memorable experience. I've collaborated with a number of small businesses and  I'm always watching out for that next breadcrumb of inspiration, knowing there could be a creative adventure right around the corner.  

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"Sarah!! Thank you for creating this fabulous logo - it truly captures the spirit of my work. I also appreciate you inviting me into your creative process. It felt very natural and I appreciated being part of the process from the start. I find your approach a great combination of intuitive, professional, clear, organic, and structured."

                                    - Eleni 

"I absolutely love the logo Sarah created for me, and my customers love it too!  Getting my logo done with Sarah helped me make the transition from having a hobby to having a business.  It was a pleasure working with her: Sarah is very professional and a great listener- she understands what you are trying to communicate and translates your vision into reality. Last but not least, Sarah is an artist - her designs are simply beautiful!  I can't thank Sarah enough for helping me create not only a logo but a brand identity that I am proud of."

                                  - Angelina 


"Not only did Sarah do an amazing job on my logo, but she brought a new dimension to my book cover and design, breaking out of the box that I had unknowingly placed around what I thought my book should look like. She is an amazing designer but also brought her illustration talents into my project and helped me get to a level that I never would have thought was possible. Can’t wait to get her thoughts and ideas on my next project."                                                                                  - Brad

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